Illuminate: A Trifecta of Magic, Technology and Social Media

Illuminate by Mike Hankins - Social Media Magic
Illuminate by Mike Hankins is a fantastic blend of magic, social media and technology. The effect: A card is chosen and memorized. A lighter is provided from one spectator and your iPhone (or Flip camcoder, Black Berry, etc.) is given to another. The lighter is lit as the iPhone is set to record the action (both items in the hands of the spectators). Magically, the spectator with the iPhone is able to see the chosen card appear in the flame. With this miracle recorded, the playback confirms the impossible.

The beautiful thing about this effect is the video souvenir that can be easily shared and uploaded to the myriad of social networking sites in use today. As a magician, the ability perform an effect that your spectators can share with their network of friends in a visual format is a dream come true. I hope this starts a trend in what I’m going to refer to as” Social Media Magic.”

Check out the official video for Illuminate as my description does not do this trick justice. Feel free to comment on other ways magicians can utilize social media and technology in their effects