My Pictures Featured on the Springfield5 Station

Well, it finally happened. I became a television star. I’m recognized on the streets and I have a loyal fan base (consisting solely of my  wife, parents and grandparents).  I think “star” might be an exaggeration. Perhaps “some random guy on public access” is a better term. How ever it’s defined, it was my first time on television and it was actually pretty cool.

The producer of the Springfield5 station saw the pictures I made for the Springfield, Ohio: A Glimpse of the Past collection and asked me to present them. It was a lot of fun sharing some of the history I learned about Springfield, Ohio. I’ve received a lot of great feedback from people, especially from those who remember when downtown Springfield was bustling. It was also fun seeing myself on tv though it was painfully obvious why I never perused a career in front of the camera.

In case you don’t happen to catch it on Springfield5, they posted it on their YouTube channel

I have a lot more pictures in that collection with several projects I haven’t even started yet so hopefully I get a chance to do it again in the near future.


Turn An Old Photo Into A Cinemagraph With A Film Grain Effect

Springfield South High

For my Springfield, Ohio: A Glimpse of the Past projects, I’ve come across some amazing historic pictures of my hometown. I found a picture of Springfield South High, the school I graduated from and thought it would look pretty cool with an old film effect applied to it. This is a great way to show off old photographs in a gallery (I prefer Picasa since it displays animated GIF’s when viewing the album). If you have any photographs that you would like to apply this effect to, I laid out the steps below. Read more


Springfield, Ohio: A Glimpse of the Past

The Heaume Hotel, now the site of Buffalo Wild Wings in Springfield, Ohio
I had blast making the photographs from my Past and Present Photographs of Springfield Ohio post. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve built a collection that I’m calling Springfield, Ohio: A Glimpse of the Past. I do a lot of walking around downtown and I find myself wondering what the buildings and streets used look like many years ago. To me, these pictures are a way to see that.

The collection can be viewed here. I’ll be adding more regularly so please stop by again.


Past and Present Photographs of Springfield, Ohio

I’ve recently become a history geek when it comes to my hometown of Springfield, Ohio. Over the past couple of years I’ve built a digital collection of old photographs of Springfield from various sources. Several of the structures and buildings in the pictures I found (some nearly a century old) are still here. I love taking on photography projects and I wanted to present theses old photos in a way that that showed how the buildings and structures have changed over the years. Inspired by Dear Photograph and the work of  photographer Sergey Larenkov, I Photoshopped the old photos with pictures I took of the current locations.

The Fairbanks Building:

Constructed in 1906, The Fairbanks Building housed The Fairbanks Hotel, The Fairbanks Theater and a number of store fronts. Later, after the hotel closed, the rooms were converted to office space. The Fairbanks Building is now called the National City Bank Building which houses PNC Bank (who acquired National City) and a number of other businesses. The area where the theater was has been converted to office space as well.

The Fairbanks Building in Springfield, Ohio (more recently called the National City Bank Building)

The Pennsylvania House:

The Pennsylvania House was built in 1838-1839 and served as tavern and inn for travelers on the National Road. In 1939, the old tavern was purchased by the Lagonda Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and operated as a museum. The old photograph I found of this location is dated 1967. In 2005, The Pennsylvania House began an extensive restoration. The Pennsylvania House is still open to visitors throughout most of the year.

The Pennsylvania House in Springfield, Ohio

The NW Corner of High and Center:

The picture I found was dated sometime in the late 1950’s. During that time, on this corner resided a pharmacy (directly behind the man walking in the picture) followed by a carpet and linoleum store, the Delscamp Paint Store, then finally the Tecumseh Building. The pharmacy is now the Senior Services CARE facility, the carpet and linoleum store is now the furniture store Bloomingdeals with apartments above, Delscamp has been converted loft condominiums and  the Tecumseh Build has sat vacant since the mid 1980’s and I very badly want to explore it.

The NE Corner of High and Center in Springfield, Ohio




3D Pan and Zoom Effect

The other day I was watching a documentary on The History Channel about a conspiracy theory surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Throughout the documentary they would show old photos and as they panned across or zoomed into them, it created the great 3D effect where the subject seemed move separately from the background of the photo. I thought it was really cool and since I fancy myself as an occasional creator of picture slideshows, I wanted to learn this method.

My initial thought was to do a Google search for “how do you do that thing to a photo where the background moves separately from the foreground,” but decided to go with “videography picture pan zoom 3D effect.” The actual terms I’ve been able to find for this particular effect are the 3D scan and pan effect, the 3D zoom effect and the 3D Ken Burns effect (if you know the official name of this effect, please leave a comment). A few scrolls and a couple clicks later I came across an amazing video tutorial for creating Virutal 3D Photos at

Here is a photo I took of the steeple at St. Raphael Catholic Church in my hometown of Springfield, Ohio that I used to experiment with:

Steeple of St. Raphael Catholic Church in Springfield, Ohio

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