6 Generations of the Mertens Family


I share a great appreciation for our family’s history with my Great Uncle Jack. I’m fortunate that through his many years of researching, I have access to a great collection of written history and photographs of the Mertens family. He has pictures and information on my direct lineage that goes back 6 generations.

I took some of the photos he’s collected and put them together so I could see everyone at once. I quickly realized that no one in this family is escaping a receding hairline (my son, I apologize to you in advance). I spent a great deal of time looking at the 3 pictures to the right and reading about their lives.  My great-great-great-grandfather (first picture on the right) was a Belgian immigrant. It was interesting reading about his life in Belgium and his eventual journey to Alexandria Louisiana. Anyway, as I read more and stared longer at these pictures it made me realize that one day in the very distant future (hopefully) I’ll be an ancestor to someone just like the 3 gentlemen to the right are to me now. I’ll just be a collection of photographs and information that someone reads about. I suppose that’s reason enough to make sure it’s interesting to read.

I’m glad I put these photos together and I’m going to try to make this a tradition. When my son gets older he’ll add his photograph, then teach his son to do the same. With any amount of luck, in the year 2345 a young Steven Mertens (I’m assuming that name will come back around, this time spelled the “wrong” way)  can admire his lineage in a large grid of photos during his interplanetary commute to work.

Do you have any ancestry traditions like this? If so, leave me a comment, I’d love to hear about it.


Meet our new dog (name pending)!

The Mertens' New Dog

We finally did it. We’ve been talking about doing it for a long time and we finally made a decision on it. We found the beautiful Husky / Akita mix at Petsmart while the Humane Society was there with their dogs for adoption. She gets along great with the kids and she listens very well.

I grew up with dogs in the house but I haven’t had one in several years. I liked not having the responsibility and worry that comes along with owning a pet. My son has been begging for a dog for several months and we have the perfect sized years for one. We saw her online Friday night and picked her up Saturday morning. She’s been awesome so far, I’m really happy with our decision. I completely forgot how much fun having a dog is.

At the present time she’s being called Fiona. I’m trying to talk my wife into Tesla…wish me luck.