Card Now: A Business Card Production Magic Trick for the iPhone

Do you have an iPhone or iPod? Do you hand out business cards on a regular basis? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you have to get Card Now by Halskov Apps. Card Now is an iPhone and iPod app that lets you perform an amazing and memorable business card production. Imagine showing your iPhone and “printing” your business card across the screen with the touch of a button, then sliding the card out of the phone to give to the spectator. Take a look at the video for a demonstration.

The trick is incredibly easy to learn and do and is a must for anyone who hands out business cards, regardless of whether or not you’re a magician. At $2.99, it’s definitely worth the price for the reactions it receives. It’s a great way to ensure that your business card won’t be forgotten.


iLoGo: Finally, An iPhone Magic Trick That’s Not An App!

iLogo Magic Trick

I really like using my iPhone to perform magic because I always have my phone with me, which is good for a quick, impromptu performance. The Apple App Store has a good selection of magic tricks, most of which can be performed without any additional props (coins, cards, etc.). I’ve performed several of these iPhone tricks and the problem with most of them is that the spectators are quick to assume that the secrets lie in the technology within the iPhone (and in most cases they’re right). For card trick apps, most spectators I’ve performed for actually believe that the iPhone can “hear” which card was chosen when it is said aloud. The tricks are fun and entertaining but they leave a lot of heat on the the technology which seems to take away from the mystery.

iLoGo, on the other hand, is a magic trick for the iPhone 4 and 4S that uses the actual iPhone for the illusion. With iLoGo, you borrow a spectator’s iPhone and actually move the Apple logo from it’s location on the top-center of the phone towards the bottom, or remove it from the phone completely (returning the spectator’s iPhone in it’s original condition, of course). Watch the video from for a quick performance.

iLogo is priced a bit high at $45 but it looks like a strong effect and with the millions of iPhone 4 and 4S users out there, I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding spectators.


Magician Uses iPods to Perform a Trick About Deception

Marco Tempest, known as the Virtual Magician, performs a trick he developed using 3 iPod Touches. A lot of creativity and technical setup went into this trick and the outcome is absolutely gorgeous.

Marco’s niche as a magician is his fusion of magic, technology, media and branding. If you’re into to either of those things (or all of them like me), you should subscribe to the newsletter from his website and to his YouTube Channel. He has a great series of videos called PhoneCam Magic where he records a quick illusion on his phone without the use of post-production editing software. They’re fun to watch and try to figure out.

Marcos has inspired me to think of different ways that a company or brand could incorporate magic into a show or campaign. If I think of anything good I’ll be sure to post it.


Angry Birds + Sponge Magic = I’m So Mad I Didn’t Think of This

Angry Sponges Magic Trick

Angry Sponges is pure genius from magician Chris Ballinger. It’s a classic sponge magic routine except, well…much more awesome!


The effect:
Offer to explain the super-popular mobile device game Angry Birds, by pulling one of the birds straight out of your phone. You then produce a little green pig and explain how the birds fly through the air to try and kill the greedy little pigs. Suddenly the bird vanishes from one hand and appears right next to the pig.


Next you take a little blue bird out and put it into the spectators hand. With a magical tap of the finger, the blue bird splits into three fully examinable birds, right in the spectator’s hand.


Finally, you introduce a big black bomb bird. When it is pushed into your hand it completely changes color, then changes into three stars indicating a perfect game.


If you follow my blog then you know that I love it when a magic trick incorporates technology or social media (and both when I’m lucky). Add video games to that mix and it’s almost more than i can bear.


You can pre-order your hand carved and hand painted set of sponges right now at Magic Geek. There will only be 100 sets produced so the time to order Angry Sponges is now! Well, subscribe to my feed, then go order.


Update: They will only be producing 100 at first. More sets may be available at a later date.


7 Tricks to Make You the Office Magician

Virtually every office has an “all-star cast” of employees. There’s the funny guy, the office prankster, the office “know-it-all,” the quiet girl who’s kind of creepy, the intern who’s eager to learn and the person who eats everything in the refrigerator regardless of whose name is on it. What most offices are lacking is an office magician. Here are 7 magic tricks that are great for beginners and perfect for the office environment that will turn you into the Copperfield of the office in no time! Read more