How I Made a Stealth iPad Case

An old book modified into an iPad case

When it came to protecting my iPad, I relied on a cheaply made but extremely reliable leather case. Besides proving my beloved device protection against drops, scratches and spills, my leather case was also great for transporting my iPad. It made my iPad easy to carry and more importantly, it didn’t make it  obvious that I was carrying one. From a distance, the leather case just looked like a portfolio. One day I was perusing through ebay for cheap Smart Covers and came across one ending very soon. I placed a bid at the last second and ended up with a brand new Smart Cover for just over 4 dollars. When it arrived I snapped it on and instantly fell in love with it. I placed the leather case in the drawer that time forgot and started life anew with my Smart Cover. As I was walking to the office the next day, I immediately noticed two things; the iPad by itself did not sit securely in my hand and nothing gets you more stares from questionable people than carrying an expensive electronic device in your hand, outside, across long distances. This was a problem and since my motto has always been “if there was a problem, yo I’ll solve it,” and that’s exactly what I did. Read more


Movie Mount for the iPad 2

The iPad 2’s HD video capabilities and gorgeous display make it a great all-in-one video capturing and editing device. Unfortunately, I find using the iPad to record video very awkward because of it’s size so I actually never use it for that purpose. I do a lot of video recording of my son and of various scenes for making cinemagraphs and rely solely on my iPhone for capturing video. Mobile software company, Makayama, has developed a product that might allow me to starting using my iPad for making movies. The Movie Mount is an accessory that allows you to mount an iPad 2 to a tripod for smooth and stable video capture. Check out the video above to see all of the great features of the Movie Mount, which includes the ability to use lenses and a directional microphone. If you are the proud owner of a Movie Mount, please let me know what you think of it.


Unable to Install Cydia from JailbreakMe 3.0?


I love Jailbreaking your iDevice couldn’t be any easier. Unfortunately, I ran into some issues using the recently released JailbreakMe 3.0 to free my phone. I thought I’d post the workaround here in case anyone else ran into the same problems.

After updating my iPhone to iOS 4.3.3, I proceeded to and attempted to perform the jailbreak. Cydia would begin the install on the springboard then the icon would disappear when it was about half way through. Rebooting my phone and computer didn’t seem to help. I ended up making a backup of my iPhone and performing a factory restore. Once the restore was complete and I was prompted to restore from a backup image or set up as a new phone, I performed the jailbreak from and it worked flawlessly. After the jailbreak I selected the option to restore my phone from backup and I was good to go. I also had to sync my apps and music which took some time but in the end I became the proud owner of an up-to-date, jailbroken iPhone.


Apple Reveals iOS 5 at the 2011 WWDC


iOS 5 logo

I spent lunch today at my desk reading engadget’s liveblog of the 2011 WWDC with bated breath, hoping for an iPhone hardware update. I could feel my heart pound with each auto-refresh of my browser. Unfortunately, an iPhone update was not on the agenda today, which I kind of expected from reading the rumors. But I’m not too upset because the features included in the upcoming release of iOS 5 easily filled the void left in my heart by an absent iPhone update.

iOS 5, which is due out this Fall, has over 200 new features. Many of these new features could almost eliminate my desire to jailbreak my iDevices. Here are some of the updates I look forward to the most:

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