Cinemagraph: Rides at the 2013 Clark County Ohio Fair

Cinemagraph 2013 Clark County Fair Rides

Our son, who turned 3 this year, finally mustered up the courage to hop on the fair rides. Last year we bought some tickets for rides and he wouldn’t even step foot on one. When we went on Friday, we ended up running out of tickets and he was still ready for more.

I captured the video for this just after we spend the last of our tickets, right before I indulged in some delicious carnival food (a corn dog and funnel cake). It looks like the last Cinemagraph  I posted on the site was the ride from the fair last year. I’ve taken an unintentional break from making Cinemagraphs but I think I’ll starting carving out more time to make more.


My Son The Storm Watcher

My son had his first experience with thunder yesterday evening, which was very entertaining. It was funny to see him both frightened and very curious at the same time. Every time the thunder hit he ran over to cling to me then looked outside to see where the noise was coming from. The storm lasted about half an hour and I was able to get some great pictures and video of him watching the rain.

My Son the Storm Watcher

I made this cinemagraph from one the videos I took. Making cinemagraphs from videos of my son is difficult due do his inability to be still for more than 2 seconds but I got lucky this time.


Turn An Old Photo Into A Cinemagraph With A Film Grain Effect

Springfield South High

For my Springfield, Ohio: A Glimpse of the Past projects, I’ve come across some amazing historic pictures of my hometown. I found a picture of Springfield South High, the school I graduated from and thought it would look pretty cool with an old film effect applied to it. This is a great way to show off old photographs in a gallery (I prefer Picasa since it displays animated GIF’s when viewing the album). If you have any photographs that you would like to apply this effect to, I laid out the steps below. Read more


A Superman Cinemagraph

A Superman Cinemagraph

I used a trailer for Superman Returns that I found you You Tube to make this one. When I have some time I’ll make more from the Superman DVD’s I have.  I prefer to make cinemagraphs from video or pictures I’ve personally taken but I’m a big fan of the character and I doubt I’ll encounter a Superman sighting anytime soon.


How To Make a Cinemagraph Using Only a Still Picture

I was going through some photos I took of an abandoned cinema (that was originally a vaudeville theater) in my home town and thought some of them would make fantastic cinemagraphs (I should change this to a site solely about cinemagraphs since it seems to be all I’ve written about lately:-). A couple of weeks ago I made a cinemagraph using only a still photo which was challenging for me since I’ve only used video to make cinemagraphs and wasn’t sure how to use the animation features in Photoshop with just one picture. After some browsing and experimenting I was able to figure it out and after I posted the cinemagraph, I had a few people ask me how I was able to add animation to a still photo so I thought I’d share the process I used to make the GIF at end of this post.

For this cinemagraph, I decided to use this picture of the projector room in the abandoned cinema.

Projector room of the Regent Theater in Springfield, Ohio

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