iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

Being the impatient type, I can’t wait until the Fall to see beautiful design of iOS 7 on my phone. Luckily for me there are people in the world like Philip Wong who design themes so that people like me don’t have to wait. Wong’s iOS 7 Theme is a Winterboard theme available on Cydia (sorry, for jailbroken iPhones only). There are a few iOS 7 themes available on Cydia but in my opinion Philip Wong’s is, by far, the best and most complete. I’ve been using this theme on my iPhone for about a week now and he’s made updates on a daily basis. The video above shows Wong’s iOS 7 theme on my iPhone 5 on top of the LivePapers animated wallpaper (I thought it looked very similar to the Dynamic Wallpaper that is shown on iOS 7).

To download this gorgeous Winterboard theme for you iPhone or iPod (iPad support hopefully coming soon), search Cydia for the theme titled iOS 7 Theme by pw5a29 (in the ModMyi repo).


iOS 7 on a Black iPhone 5

After seeing today’s WWDC keynote, I’m super-excited about iOS 7. I think it looks gorgeous and brings some much needed UI changes. After the keynote I went over to Apple’s website to see the pictures and noticed that for some reason, iOS 7 is only shown on the white iPhone 5. I have a black iPhone 5 and wanted to know what the new iOS will look like on my device. I was curious whether iOS 7 looks as beautiful on the black iPhone as it does the white. Here are some hastily made mockups of iOS 7 on the black iPhone that I whipped up.

iOS 7 homescreen on the black iPhone 5iOS 7 Siri on the black iPhone 5
iOS 7 email on the black iPhone 5 iOS 7 messaging on the black iPhone 5

I think the screenshots look great on the black iPhone, but I have to admit, I think they look better on the white one.


Barrel for iOS: Graphic Effects when Scrolling the Homepage

I’ve been an iPhone user since the 3GS and will probably never switch to a different phone (mainly because of how much I’ve invested in the App Store and iTunes over the past few years). My work phone, on the other hand, is an Android and I’m going to be honest, I love it. I love the customization capabilities and the graphic effects like the live wallpapers. One of the things I really love about my Android is the cube effect when scrolling between screens from the homescreen. Sadly, this wasn’t an effect that my iPhone was capable of….until now.

Barrel is an iOS application by developer Aaron Ash that adds awesome graphic effects to the Springboard when scrolling through the homescreen of your iOS device. There are several different effects to choose from, take a look at the video for a demonstration of each one.

Unfortunately, Barrel is only available for Jailbroken iOS devices (hopefully iOS 7 will provide similar features). It can be purchased from Cydia and is well worth the $2.99 price tag.



Unable to Install Cydia from JailbreakMe 3.0?


I love Jailbreaking your iDevice couldn’t be any easier. Unfortunately, I ran into some issues using the recently released JailbreakMe 3.0 to free my phone. I thought I’d post the workaround here in case anyone else ran into the same problems.

After updating my iPhone to iOS 4.3.3, I proceeded to and attempted to perform the jailbreak. Cydia would begin the install on the springboard then the icon would disappear when it was about half way through. Rebooting my phone and computer didn’t seem to help. I ended up making a backup of my iPhone and performing a factory restore. Once the restore was complete and I was prompted to restore from a backup image or set up as a new phone, I performed the jailbreak from and it worked flawlessly. After the jailbreak I selected the option to restore my phone from backup and I was good to go. I also had to sync my apps and music which took some time but in the end I became the proud owner of an up-to-date, jailbroken iPhone.


Apple Reveals iOS 5 at the 2011 WWDC


iOS 5 logo

I spent lunch today at my desk reading engadget’s liveblog of the 2011 WWDC with bated breath, hoping for an iPhone hardware update. I could feel my heart pound with each auto-refresh of my browser. Unfortunately, an iPhone update was not on the agenda today, which I kind of expected from reading the rumors. But I’m not too upset because the features included in the upcoming release of iOS 5 easily filled the void left in my heart by an absent iPhone update.

iOS 5, which is due out this Fall, has over 200 new features. Many of these new features could almost eliminate my desire to jailbreak my iDevices. Here are some of the updates I look forward to the most:

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