Past and Present: The Montgomery County Courthouse

Within the last couple of months, I started working for a new company located in downtown Dayton, Ohio. One of the great things about this new job aside from the awesome work I’m doing is that the location of my office is near several historic buildings.  I’ve spent a lot of time exploring and learning about my hometown of Springfield and it’s been a lot of fun exploring and learning about the rich history of Dayton. 

About 3 blocks from my office is a beautiful Greek Revival building that used to serve as the Montgomery  County Courthouse. It’s located in a wonderful area near a fountain and square where I sometimes go to eat my lunch. In learning about this building, I came across some old photographs that I used to expand my Past and Present collection to now include Dayton.

Montgomery County Courthouse Dayton Ohio

I found some amazing photographs of downtown Dayton during the Great Dayton Flood of 1913 that I’ll be getting current shots of soon, so stay tuned!


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