Now Might Be A Good Time To Get Angry…

Being a lifelong Superman fanatic, one of my priorities as a father (right next to safety and care) was to make sure my son was a Superman fan also. One glance around his room and closet, I can proudly say that I succeeded. As expected, his love of Superman has lead him to the discovery and adoration of other comic book superheroes (though Superman will always be his absolute favorite).

He was introduced to The Avengers on the show, Marvel Super Hero Squad, which is aimed towards young kinds and is actually very funny. Since he enjoyed this cartoon so much, I took a chance and let him watch The Avengers movie. He LOVED it. I was a little concerned that the action and aliens would scare him (he’s very young) but he was very into it. The following day while we were playing he wanted us to pretend to be the avengers. He was pretending to be the Hulk and was playing out the scenes in the move. Since then he asks to watch scenes from the movie so we can act them out. His favorite scene to act out is the one above where Bruce Banner is suddenly able to control his anger and changes to the Hulk before punching the giant space-dragon creature. It cracks me up to watch him think about what comes next in the scene.


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