iOS 7 on a Black iPhone 5

After seeing today’s WWDC keynote, I’m super-excited about iOS 7. I think it looks gorgeous and brings some much needed UI changes. After the keynote I went over to Apple’s website to see the pictures and noticed that for some reason, iOS 7 is only shown on the white iPhone 5. I have a black iPhone 5 and wanted to know what the new iOS will look like on my device. I was curious whether iOS 7 looks as beautiful on the black iPhone as it does the white. Here are some hastily made mockups of iOS 7 on the black iPhone that I whipped up.

iOS 7 homescreen on the black iPhone 5iOS 7 Siri on the black iPhone 5
iOS 7 email on the black iPhone 5 iOS 7 messaging on the black iPhone 5

I think the screenshots look great on the black iPhone, but I have to admit, I think they look better on the white one.


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