Make Time Lapse Videos on the iPhone with Motion Pics

I’ve always been a huge fan of time lapse photography. I recently came across a phenomenal time lapse video called Asylum by District 7 Media and got inspired to experiment with time lapse on my own. I am researching options for a good remote for my DSLR with the timed interval function (if you recommend one, please leave a comment) but in the meantime I was looking for a time lapse app for my iPhone and iPad to make quick videos and decided to go with Motion Pics by Cosmonaut Software.

Motion Pics is very easy to use since it automatically calculates the settings based on the set number of frames, frame interval and playback frame rate, but a little knowledge on the fundamentals of time lapse photography is very helpful. Once the settings have been made, just hit record and Motion Pics will take the photos in the intervals specified. When it’s done the video will be automatically exported to the Camera Roll.

For an initial experiment with Motion Pics, I made 2 ice cubes from water I dyed red and blue with food coloring and placed them in a glass full of cooking oil. For some reason I was obsessed with the effects of mixing oil and water when I was a kid and memory popped in my head when I was trying to think of something to record.

I take my son on bike rides around the neighborhood almost every day and using my iPhone tripod mount, I can attach my iPhone to the handlebar of my bike to make time lapse videos of our rides. It’s really cool to see our entire hour to hour and a half ride condensed down to a couple of minutes (Warning: if you’re prone to motion sickness, I recommend that you skip this video).

Finally, I wanted to get some smooth panning shots and I saw that modifying kitchen timers was what the cool kids who dabble in time lapse were doing. I picked up a cheap kitchen timer and some hardware and made a very ugly but functional 360 degree panning mount for my iPhone. This was the test video I made using the kitchen timer mount.

Eventually, I came across the Camalapse from which is essentially the same thing except much  more ascetically pleasing.

I have several more time lapse videos that I’ll be sharing soon. If you have any time lapse videos that you made with Motion Pics, or any other iPhone app, or any time lapse videos at all, leave a comment with the link, I’d love to check them out.


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