Magician Uses iPods to Perform a Trick About Deception

Marco Tempest, known as the Virtual Magician, performs a trick he developed using 3 iPod Touches. A lot of creativity and technical setup went into this trick and the outcome is absolutely gorgeous.

Marco’s niche as a magician is his fusion of magic, technology, media and branding. If you’re into to either of those things (or all of them like me), you should subscribe to the newsletter from his website and to his YouTube Channel. He has a great series of videos called PhoneCam Magic where he records a quick illusion on his phone without the use of post-production editing software. They’re fun to watch and try to figure out.

Marcos has inspired me to think of different ways that a company or brand could incorporate magic into a show or campaign. If I think of anything good I’ll be sure to post it.


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