iPhone Fitness: 3 Apps to Help You Get Fit

When I’m at the gym I always have my iPhone in hand with my Rush playlist on repeat (I challenge you to listed to Tom Sawyer during your workout and not feel like you have super-human strength). Aside from providing me with a seemingly endless supply of musical entertainment, the iPhone has also become a core part of my workout routine with the help of 3 iOS apps designed to help you get fit and increase strength, ensuring that you’ll never need to wear a shirt again.

Hundred PushUps

HundredPushUps iPhone App

Hundred PushUps is a 6 week training program developed by marathon runner, Steve Speirs. The goal of the program is to complete 100 consecutive pushups. The Hundred PushUps application your daily amount of pushups to complete and times your rest periods. It also keeps track of your progress and is rich in features like built in calendar reminders and integration with popular social networks (because if you can do 100 consecutive pushups, your friends should know about it). While I don’t think I’ll make the 6 week mark, this app has definitely helped me increased the number of pushups I can do. I was able to do about 17 consecutive pushups when I began the program. Three weeks into it I can now do 40. My goal is to complete 100 by July (I’ll post an update to let you know if I made it).

Two Hundred Situps

Two Hundred Situps iPhone App

Two Hundred Situps for iPhone is another 6 week training program, this one with the goal of completing 200 consecutive situps. The interface and features are identical to the Hundred PushUps app. Like the PushUps app, Two Hundred Situps keeps track of  your daily regimen and times your rest periods. Before purchasing this app, situps were not part of my workout routine. Since adding it to my workout, I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my core strength.

Twenty Chinups

Twenty Chinups iPhone App

Twenty Chinups is yet another 6 week training program designed to help you complete…you guessed it…20 consecutive chinups. Twenty Chinups has the same interface and features as HundredPushUps and Two Hundred Situps. When I first started this regimen, I was  barely do three consecutive chinups during the initial test. Three weeks later I am able to do nine. My goal is to complete twenty by July.

I think the success with these exercise programs are due to the small goals they set. My iPhone tells me how many repetitions I need to do, how long to rest, how many more I need to do and when I’m done for the day. I’m actually excited to do these workouts and see how my repetitions increase each time. I’ve noticed great results in a matter of a few weeks with these applications.

Had success with another fitness application? If so, feel free to share.


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