7 Tricks to Make You the Office Magician

Virtually every office has an “all-star cast” of employees. There’s the funny guy, the office prankster, the office “know-it-all,” the quiet girl who’s kind of creepy, the intern who’s eager to learn and the person who eats everything in the refrigerator regardless of whose name is on it. What most offices are lacking is an office magician. Here are 7 magic tricks that are great for beginners and perfect for the office environment that will turn you into the Copperfield of the office in no time!

The Steath Pen

Borrow a bill (the higher the better!) from a coworker, grab your pen and have her initial the bill. Next, take the pen and visibly stab it through her bill. At this point she’s a little annoyed but not too upset because a bill with a hole in it is still spendable. You then proceed to rip the pen down the length of the bill. As she stares at you in complete disbelief of the audicity, with a little fanfare you show that her initialed bill is completely unharmed. The Stealth Pen is very easy to do and completely inspectable.

Bendable Pen

The Bendable Pen is another great effect utilizing a pen. Introduce a solid, working pen. At your command, the pen becomes visibly flexible. With a snap of the fingers (or clap of the hands for those who can’t snap), the pen becomes solid and can be handed out for inspection.


Permanent utilizes my favorite office supply, the Sharpie marker. Take out a Sharpie and show the Sharpie logo on both sides of the marker. Explain that the logos are written with the same permanent ink the actual marker uses. With the rub of your finger, the logo visibly wipes away. Continue by making the logo reappear, then disappear again. Finally hand the marker out for inspection. Be prepared for requests to perform this one a lot!

The Opener

Take a paper clip, hold it at the tip of your fingers and with some concentration, the paper clip eerily begins to “open” itself. Watch the video for The Opener to get the full effect of how visual it is. If you coworkers don’t think you’re creepy enough, this will certainly do the trick.


Perform the impossible with a borrowed bill and a pencil. With Misled, you stab, rip and visually melt a pencil through a dollar bill, returning it completely unharmed.

Power Lunch

Power Lunch is a great way to hand out your business card. Pierce your business card with a toothpick then hand it to your spectator completely holeless! A great way to help guarantee that your card isn’t forgotten.


At first, Tube was going to be the topic of it’s own post but I thought it mixed in so well with “office magic” that I decided to add it to this list. I like to perform magic and when there’s a trick that mixes magic with technology and digital media (Illuminate by Mike Hankins is a prime example), it makes me giddy. Imagine having a coworker write or draw something on a piece of paper, perhaps a card, number, or even an animal. After the selection has been written or drawn, you show them the URL to your YouTube profile. They go to the site where they find a single video and you draw attention to the fact that the “Added” date shows that the video was uploaded days ago. They play the video which shows you predicting their selection days before they were asked to make it!

If you’re a magician and know of any other tricks that are great for the office, please feel free to comment!


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